Prejudice, Persecution, Pride


TYPE: Exhibition design
CLIENT: National Trust
LOCATION: Kingston Lacy, Dorset, UK
ROLE: research, creative direction, curation, production
COLLABORATORS: Julie Howell, Anna Lincoln

This project was delivered working as part of Leicester University's Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG).

This groundbreaking exhibition was the result of extensive research and narrative development and showing how gay lives have been affected by the law, from medieval times until the present day. 

A timeline explores the legal history of same sex love and desire. It highlights the impact that criminalisation and prejudice has had on the lives of people in the UK and overseas, and the complex and on-going road to acceptance and equal rights for LGBTQ communities. The includes many linked narrative strands, e.g. Executions, ‘Indecent Acts’, Pride etc to help visitors navigate the content.

Copies of three Acts from the Parliamentary Archives also show how legal attitudes to homosexuality have changed, from the death penalty in 1533 to civil partnerships in 2004. 

Prejudice, Persecution, Pride is the third and final component of of ‘EXILE’ at Kingston Lacy, part of the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride programme, in collaboration with the University of Leicester and Stonewall UK. 




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