TYPE: Video installation
CLIENT: National Trust
ROLE: research, creative direction
COLLABORATORS: Julie Howell, Lea Nagano, James Jones

This project was delivered working as part of Leicester University's Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG).

Displaced uses projection and sound to draw connections between the story of William John Bankes, a gay man forced to flee his home in the 1840s, and prejudice and intolerance today. It draws on the diverse experiences of LGBTQ people forced to leave their homes in the UK and abroad.

The film is projected onto a screen that covers a closed window in Kingston Lacy’s famous ‘Spanish Room’. A video mapped projection replaces this hidden window – and its view over the Kingston Lacy estate – with a sequence of alternative landscapes.

Our narrative shows a sequence of eight quotations taken from first-hand accounts of displacement. These are combined with images of the places from which they have had to flee. A soundscape of everyday sounds runs through the film, bringing the landscapes and situations to life.

Displaced is part of ‘EXILE’ at Kingston Lacy, part of the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride programme, in collaboration with the University of Leicester and Stonewall UK. This programme sought to research, celebrate and challenge representations of LGBTQ lives at National Trust properties.



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